Techbuilt Builders

An early list of builders who Techbuilt worked with to handle the construction of the houses on site. St. Louis and Southeast Michigan had the first multiple Techbuilt developments outside the Boston area.
When interest in Techbuilt houses greatly increased after the Ford Foundation TV show, the network of builders expanded with many getting to work before being fully franchised.

One thought on “Techbuilt Builders

  1. Our mother, Nancy G. Winkler, was the Techbuilt sales representative for Central Maryland. Our family home was the first Techbuilt in Columbia, MD. She worked under Margaret Leaf, who was the representative for Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia. (Mrs. Leaf lived in a Techbuilt in Garrett Park, MD with her husband, the author, Munro Leaf. )
    Our mother worked with a builder named Harry Taylor, as well as several other local builders. I believe Harry Taylor was the builder of record for Central MD.
    I would refer you to the Columbia Archives and particularly to the Baltimore Sun as well. I have a photo of a Baltimore Sun article with our parents admiring their model of the home they were in the process of building in 1967-68.


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