While the blog posts and other content on the site reflect the past few years of research, the work of gathering more information continues. Below are some areas of ongoing research. If you have something to contribute, please use the contact form to let me know.

Mapping Techbuilts

I am still mapping the location of Techbuilt houses. Currently there are just over 400 houses mapped which gives a good indication of their distribution, but there should be a few thousand more out there! If you have a location you would like to submit, please use the Survey Form.

Techbuilt Spacemaking Furniture

I am very interested in finding any existing pieces of this furniture. If you own, or have access to, any pieces and are willing to photograph and look for clues, let me know. This site will feature more information on the furniture in Summer 2018.

Techbuilt Related Ephemera

House plans and documentation regarding their construction are of special interest. The drawings hold valuable information for current homeowners by showing how the houses were put together. The drawings also show the development of the various models and indicate who, at Techbuilt Inc, was working on the particular project.

Also of interest are promotional materials, advertisements, internal company documents and photographs of construction.